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21 July 2011

21st july

Just finish dinner with mom..not satisfy with only noodle, so bought back poh piah, and bean curd! FULL now! Alright, talk about last night..went movie with hubby, lunior boo, and huiling. The Harry Potter, can't believe it's the's over! Hmm...but it seems had quite alot episode and finally come to the end. I like the ending thou. Well, before our 9pm movie..we went sakae sushi first! Nomnomnom with favorite tamago!
Is the first meet the Miss Huiling, so adorable! And her laugh was....marvelous! *laugh out loud* don't get angry please...i love ur laugh actually! And nice meeting you~ 

Oh ya, today is 21st of my buddy's birthday..ChloeWyei! Happy Happy Birthday To You my dear! Stay healthy and pretty like u always do. All th best in everything, and enjoy your new life at aussie! xoxo! 
Happy Birthday to all July's Baby too!!

 Hello new friend! hehehehe

 Pictures above was taken by psp's cam. -.- so is quite noisy.


Anonymous said...

Hi,your psp have camera??What model u use? =)

anerly said...

the camera is an extension. u can buy only the cam and then plug at the hub. :)

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