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17 July 2011

Hello fellows..apparently is another hot hot day! Been thinking what to do today, it seems long time i never go out at noon, especially on sunday! Sunday is the only day off for me...sigh! So decided so give a text to Tan Penny. Lets find some heritage cafe to hang out! At the island, loads of heritage cafe around...such as Behind 50's , ChaiDiamMa , Amelie Cafe, recently found out 3 of this! I guess there are lot more out there that haven't be discover yet! Three of these are all surrounding at the Unesco area of Penang if not mistaken lah..After discussing...we decided to go Amelie Cafe! Is easy to find to Cheah Kongsi. Our first time here...such a charming little place, with soft music, nice food, nice people!

No.6 Armenian Street,
10200 Penang.

Business Hour:
10 a.m - 7 p.m
(close on monday)

 I got this wooden bench at home too! mine is white color with flowers..did it during highschool!
 so happy with the cabonara & the 6% iphone!
hello! happy sunday! 
 part of the interior
the menu!
i love you, you love me, we are happy family <3 
 this chocolate brownie really taste good! Slurp~
 the longan with lemon
orange with mint! 

Here comes the freak one! 告诉我,还有形象可言麽?? LMAO


Min Er 敏 儿 said...

haha~he is cute~

joie khor said...

lol lol LOL LOL
we really really laugh out LOUD

For the last pic!
Put on FB, sure got 1000 X likes!!!

anerly said...

min er, is "she" LOL
joie, when we took that pic also laugh out loud ah!! hahaahahahahaha! keat lehhh~ u n zac must try nex time! ;)

shiley said...

nice post, may i know where u buy this shirt, very nice!!

anerly said...

hi shiley, i bought from bangkok :) thank you!

venus said...

i tried the cake with ice cream before...super nice

Kaiyii said...

hi,ilove your blogskin very much?where did you find it?

anerly said...

venus: yes yes! it is superb!! :D
kaiyii: go google it..i found thru google.. ;)

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