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31 August 2011

10/08 + 27/08

Oh no...i've been neglected my blog for 10 days!! hahahahaaha~ only 10 days laa...duh! why being so exaggerate?! =.= But, i miss the moment i share...
Apparently i have a few to share today...just came back from kl last night, a short trip + 2nd anni celebration. Will blog about it in next update :)

Each A Cup grand opening !! Sky Chin & partners. We cant make it at afternoon as its still a working day for went there at night :) Luckily most of them come at night too...kinda happening at his place! Big big space outside...nice environment for chilling! cool air~~ wohooww! nice!!

Each A Cup
No . 2 Maju Utama Business Centre , Lorong Maju Utama Satu, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Malaysia.

come over and feel the freshness and awesomeness! 
Orange color as their official theme for Each A Cup. Big and Clean :) 
friends car all with Each A Cup's car stickerssss!! 
lunior boo & hui ling :)

The Rojak Studio had a Rojak International Convention 2011 at Northam All Suite Hotel. Me and blanco was invited. Thanks for the invitations..hehehe! Theme of the night, Cardboard-man (woman) a.k.a Danbo.
So many danbossss appeared!!! hahaha! Cute and funny!! Had a great saturday night with them...and with all the pretty models too! :) 
Very cute right?
with the lovely pretty ruirui~ 

mun mun & jialin..did u notice our super matching colors? hahahah! 

yii ting, another leng lui of the night, such a cute and nice girl! 

girlssss~ jialin, vivi, me, yii ting, ruirui :) 

My holidays comes to an end. Welcome september..tomorrow is a great start! All the best to all of you :) By the way,  i had a great about you? 
Selamat Hari Raya & Hari Merdeka


Lady YeeYee said...

i had a very baad holiday. T____T
Trial is comingggggggggg

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