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1 September 2011


Haaaroo! Im here to blog again! weeee! I'm so in love with blogspot's new interface! Much cleaner and tidier! After a whole rainy week, here comes a big hot sun!! I hate sun seriously... :((
Today gonna blog about my holiday since sunday - wednesday. Where should i start from? duh!
Ermmm....let's talk about the short trip first. Went Sunway Lagoon with hubby...hehehehehe! Feel a bit embarrassed to's my first time visit! ><'' Laugh out louad laa...nevermind! hahahaha..Dont blame me for being soooo excited about this trip!! LOL
Had so much fun like we tried everything there!! *cause its water park, i still can handle* I dint waste money this time, cause usually when people ask me to go theme park play, not every game i will try..cause i afraid of height and stimulating game actually :( Those 180' , 360' roller coaster..LORD! I WILL NEVER EVER TRY!!
YAYY! we get wet and had fun!!!
The rest they went Sunway Pyramid for shopping spree! They know we want alone~ teeheee! 
After a long tiring and exciting day...we went dinner after that! That vegetarian restaurant named MG'S, located at Subang, taipan. A very nice vegetarian restaurant we ever seen, the food served was amazingly great! I swear. 
Do they looks like vegetarian food??! NOPE! super yummyyyy~ 

The next day...we went town for shopping...our first choice, Pavilion for sure! lol...
Nothing much i bought, cause i still got tons of new cloth haven't got chance to wear...and i need to save~! 
Everytime visit pavilion, for sure me and hubby will go Pull & Bear, we so in love with their collections...cause is more approaching to style that we like :) Meanwhile, i finally found the over knee socks!!! So happy~ been craving for it so long..even ask han ni find for me at taiwan..but she cant find it there...Now i have them in these two colors i wanted!! Yay!!! XD. Bought a hoodie coat too, for november trip ^^ 
Bought this @, The Face Shop. Been tried it's sample pack before, feels really good. Non-sticky type, collagen firming gel! 
fitting room @ Outfit of the day! very casual -.-

On the day after we reach home, yes! Is wednesday,still holiday~ i've decided to go high tea with hubby at Chai Diam Ma, queen street. Again, nearly couldn't find last after so many round turning here and there..WE FOUND IT, god blessed! :D 
some craft selling there :)

 the super delicious brownie!!! We ate another lemon cheese cake too :)

in the hot weather...drink honey lemon to relief throat! *wink*

specky guy of the day!! LOL

 the doggy tic tac toe! cute untill dont know how to play -.-

couple of the day ♥ ♥ ♥

their interior. nice huh? From their info, this cafe operated 6 month ++ only. All the best! 

bye bye holiday!!

Suddenly feel, this post is kinda mess...forgive me okay?  I don't mean it. :) 


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