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12 August 2011

apps apps appsssss!!

Bonjour! Today i want to share my fav iphone apps to y'all!
I think i need to mention something before i begin...if u already know about these apps (Notica, MagicHour, DecoSama)  and u feeling wanna leave, then you may visit my blog again next time! LOL
Okay! ignore my silliness -.-
Alright, first that i want to share is NOTICA notecard...
It can separate into many album according to your wish, and the album cover you can choose any photo you like :)
choose effect that you like immediately...
Write down your place, caption... and here are the results!!  It has awesome zooming, excellent effects, and pretty looking card :) Right?! can be saved in full card and also just photo ( the photo size is exactly same with instagram) Freaking awesome!!

Next is the MAGICHOUR

It's a editing apps where you can download effect that pre-made by other people and create your own filter as well :) meanwhile, it can crop and rotate photo too! NICE!!

The last 1 would be the DECOSAMA
Result...apologize my editing skill wasn't so good ><''


tzechia said...

can i know where to find the effect for editing in notica?so hard to use ><

anerly said...

once u downloaded the notica apps, those effect comes with it :)

FionaChan said...

I like Notica! Not sure if I want to pay for it, still debating. D:

Anyway, do you know any app to put a few pictures together, in kinda like slanted ways? :D

Kushal Kshirsagar said...

cool effects

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