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15 August 2011

Great Combination! We Had Fun!!

According to title, did a photo-shoot for Joie*Z studio on sunday. With three lovely girls~owh yes! We had fun during shooting :) Great gown, awesome make up & hair do for us! I specially love my organza gown style, is a very unique kind of wedding gown, ever!! i love it , loving every single style of mine! hahahahaha....Well, for sure all the gowns were pretty with lovely brides too!

Hmmm...I think i should start with photosssss! However, just the making lah :)

make up of the day! weeeee~ i have long long eyes!!
the typewriterssssss! vintage vintage all around XD
im the law officer! yea yea yea i like it!! XD
fitting room's lighting sooooooo nice! make us bright!! hohoho~ (edited color tone)
han ni han ni xi huan ni! hehehe
first met with avery, very pretty! (zac's sister)
*laugh my ass off* what kind of pose is that?! ><''
halo tanpen! hahaha, thank you so much brought us sushi!!! and...we are waiting for the video~ LOL
lovely pink~ 
I LOVE THIS!! credit to tan penny :) 
prettyyy you~~~ xoxo
our favorite! can't wait for the final outcome~ p/s where is my foot?! =.= they didn't inform me that they all showing foot!! 

Had lotsa fun, is great to work with ya'll! Waiting for the next time :) 
STAY TUNE for the final outcome! 


Min Er 敏 儿 said...

love you so muchie=D

anerly said...

owh~ so sweet of u..but don't fall too deep okay? =)

joie said...

your foot not long enough to show XD

anerly said...

opps! nono~ i taller than someone! =P

ConsTanC3 T3aR said...

so cute^^^ really nice^^^like it!!!1

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