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4 August 2011

end of july

Im in love to bloging lately..feels like wanna update here more often. Perhaps, im not a good blogger lah..I been trying hard to blog actually, i hope i don't make y'all feel bored when reading my blog *finger crossing* im still learning to blog nicely...hmmm...i wanna let u guys know that i will be less update photo on fb but often here! Cause i felt is easier with stories and photos together right?
Soooo~ see more updates here alright?!

 I heard that Taylor Swift gonna switch to rap song?! she even did some raps cover!! OMG! Please don't let this happen! I love her just because of her country song! Nooooooo... ( i heard this from
This month i received some photoshoot request up in schedule, so sorry that i have to reject some :(
Apparently will be a busy month, but is fun thou! Cause im doing what i like..Alright, lets start from how i spend my lovely sunday which is the last day of july..went out with hubby's family. We went StraisQuay for high-tea..bought bunch of breads from Four Season Bakery, their bread really really tasty! And then end up to Starbucks for drinks plus bread!
 my love, my man
while waiting their arrive...
the cute choo mama, their dad (he was dilemma-ing  in choosing his presbyopia spec) and the lil sis (min wei) 
mifyn was there too, but i dare not to upload her photo, cause she will shout *soooo geliiiii* due to she dint put on any make up that day LOL
mine & hubby's ... 
  oh yea!!  I found ya babaaayy!! Sorry for being so excited...cause i've been craving this type of shoe long time ago. I can see some similar design at stores, but not that i wanted. I even thought can found in bangkok..end up bought it back on tuesday at Forver21, thank you baby. *clapclapss* 

Before ends, show you guys a mtv i recently found. Nicole Scherzinger ft. 50 cent - Right there
Nicole is just so gorgeous & hot! ENJOY~


S.weivy said...

Wao... Nice photos n shoes~

joie khor said...

Macaroon from four season bakery, did you buy?

anerly said...

thanks sweivy :)
joie, no i din't..i tried once in bkk..too sweet la..i dont like :(

Anonymous said...

hellow, what about to make a post of your own make-up ?

Min Er 敏 儿 said...

i think she just apply eyeliner + mascara ba =D
and eyebrow=目

anerly said...

hmm....i dont know how to do thick make up :(
yes...usually only apply eyeliner+mascara

Anonymous said...

love all your outfit..
it would be better if u add on the infos like where u get ur outifts of the day..


Anonymous said...

you didn't apply any bb cream or concealer ?

anerly said...

yes i did, to cover dark circle :)

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