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17 September 2011


Patient fang is currently back in the house. SAY NO TO ILLNESS. For the first time i feel how suffer being a patient in ward. Food poisoning for the second time in 2 months? Smurfing crazy!!
Below is what i've written during the second night, before sleep.

''Today is the second day in ward. Feel so homesick and is starting to miss everything out there since i know i need to stay here for another two days. Feeling so insecure and sick. Meanwhile is my first time being in ward :( Help me out of here please! Injection, blood testing, scanning keep come towards...i cant sleep well as well. How are you guys going these days? Urrghhh! My hair get to oily!!! I need to shower!! The drip makes me hard to do things and so uncomforted, is this gonna stick untill the day i discharge?! T.T ''
Can feel the suffer-ness on me? LOL after these day's testing, found out there's a "lil" thing in me. Hope it will recover real soon after medics on.
Finally no need to wait two more days! yeepy! Yesterday i request to discharge, and the doctor allow! Great! First thing to do is wash hair!! Went salon for hair nice!
Im fine now, recovering, and eating more more more to gain weight! Dont shout if u see me, cause i might looks like a mice now =.=

 Thanks so so much for those who wished me! muaah!! xoxo 

Before i end, a lil remind for u who dont have a good eating habit, please beware. Breakfast is a must okay? Don't try to skip. Or else u might have sensitive digestive system like me :(  take care.


Anonymous said...

take care =)

Ines said...

Take care too =D

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