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20 September 2011

Just wanna make u looks good

Noticed my new banner? Still thinks that is not nice thou...but i insist!! to have a new banner rather than just a small icon, how pathetic is it huh? Will make another better looking 1 when free :) 
Today is the day return to jobs. I feel freshness!! LOL  Tons of work need to follow up :( Nevermind, i can handle it.
One thing i left to say in the last post...which is big thanks to who that came to visit! hehehe thanks for concern and cares! Love you guys much much!
pinky hippo from tanpenny :) 
her card wrote : 我知道你是laosai不是有baby,但是我真的找不到laosai的card...
GUYS!! I wanna make sushi!! 
Who dare to eat?! hahahahahaha 
Went jusco for ingredients...very blur actually... -.- 
Some random pics first, cause still cant locate the japanese ingredient's department...well, dint know that actually rocky and pocky is different? I thought that either 1 was faking actually...silly. Look! so many flavor i just got to know...omg, why am i being so silly and outdated? damn    
These juice looks so healthy...cause its organic fruit juice la =.=

Found them...but so little only?! 
this is cheeeeseeeeee, yucks! 
What we've bought :) 
Gonna make a healthy tasty sushi for hubby! 

gonna sleep now, goodnight peeps 


Min Er 敏 儿 said...

why dont have fb like button gea...cannot like...blooo xD

anerly said...

hmmm....i cant find the badges d :( dont know why

Anonymous said...

Likes your banner.....Can i know what software you edit it?


joie said...

Can i have some?

anerly said...

jobies: thanks ^^ try
joie: wait i success first! =D

不懂 said...

your banner is nice =) like it

yenling。celest said...

i like your banner, simple but quite u make it?
u look so skinny dy, please eat more and stay healthy ya...have a blast^^

anerly said...

不懂: thanks :)
yenling: thanks :) now gaining weight d! hehe dont worry hehe

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