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25 September 2011

I'm getting back to you

I don't know since when, taking picture (well, camwhore i meant)  become a addiction to me. Is like imma real into it. sigh! Maybe this is so call a occupational disease or what? LOL. Tell you an example, everytime when i open my closet finding cloth for an outing, the first thing came out surely will be " this cloth suit for taking photos? will i look good with it? " Damn! This is no good man i ain't wanna be like this! Why is this keep on crossing my mind? Freak me out lah! I don't know anyone of u having this 'disease' or not...but i felt this is really a big big problem and very uneasy..i really don't like this habit. SO STUPID!
I've already stop having this bad habit , dress up as what i feeling right with confident of course! hahahahaha 

Waiting a friend pass thing to me at Tutti Fruitti, auto-city. End up that person din't show up =.= 
My eyebrows seems getting thick again huh?! ><'' I look like a man!!! 

 I just became a lens model last week :) First try! Feel free to have a look of their new series of lenses.
  Is comfort to wear, color is nice, and the most important thing is they selling in quite a good price!

this is their FB. Order from them via email or msg to fb  :)

 Show two picture i took for their shop. just a newbie, not a pro yet, gimme some times 

wishing u have an awesome weekend :) 


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