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17 October 2011

lil yumiko's birthday

Never heard about yumiko? She is my hubby's lil sister...a tall little girl with long hair, she is 10 this year! 17th Oct is her birthday...which is today. :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! 

there she is! very tall right? or should i said i short? ><

As their dad and mom not around, we decided to bring her to watch movie "Love You You" *awww....such a sweet movie* and a high-tea with her after movie, Paddington House Of Pancake our choise..which located in plaza gurney..Their pancake was awesomely great! thumbs up up! We ordered three types of pancakes...for sure will visit again! hah!

Their wallpaper already looks tasty! 

outfit :)

See? yummy right? Tell u's really yummy! hahaha

our leggggsss! happy family day hahaha

have some random close up! hehehe


Min Er 敏 儿 said...

lol.I got the same dress with u leng jiejie X)

anerly said...

min er: hahaha! so ngam! i bought at prangin mall..

Anonymous said...

where the bag buy from?any brand?ur red longchamp is samll size?

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