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26 October 2011

you guys made up my day :)

Time to blog :) Im officially 23 since yesterday...i couldn't accept!! Time flies in a second. Still remember how i used to enjoy schooling life in past 2 years. It's fantastic! I felt this year's birthday don't have much expectation, no feel. Don't even celebrating it, cause who will feel joy to celebrate for ur aging day? LOL
But actually, hubby thinks a simple celebration for me. We are going genting this weekend! Simple and sweet! :) More,  thanks hubby for his big big angpow! haha...since i don't know what to get for present yet. One more to thanks to, which is Zac & Joie..both of them are soooo sweet! They drove to my working place to pass the pressie to me. Love that CD & the cookies so much! Owned both of u a meal yea :)

thank you :)

Since this is a short post, so wanna make it longer a about my past weekend outing with the ladies! Five of us.. We went SQ for tea at sunday noon...choose Delicious as the place for chill. Ordered a high-tea set. Is huge! With 3 layering until we couldn't finished it. Plus two more different flavored spaghetti. ok done! FULL!! After tea, continue our date with singk session! hah! Is a long date thou. see ya'll soon ya :)
my girls ! :)

povy & vivian pretttyyyy! 


Alright peeps, gonna off to arrange the new batch of cloth for Chakaboo! Remember stare on our page at 730pm tomorrow! LOL


RongMito said...

<3 =)

Pohvee Teng said...

aiyo.. the cardigan wrapping on you all SO CUTE!!! <3

anerly said...

mito : <3
should ask u do together next time! kay? XD

Pohvee Teng said...

eh eh photo no copy mana macam blog wor. send bagi saya di fb ok??

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