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31 October 2011

short break @ genting

Hello fellows! Me and hubby decided to spend our weekend @ genting highland, after all those hectic weekends is time for a short break. Is been over a year after his last last birthday year's birthday celebration. Noting much change there...we took night ride on saturday, reach around 5 in the morning! sleepy! The bus driver was...not so good in driving. Make me dizzy and can't sleep well.
Spent our morning time walking around, enjoy the comfort of the cold wether :) & also the awesome shopping spree with losta discounts and vouchers i have! hahaha! But i felt is kinda weird that we go so far to shopping...or to be exact, i feel silly on myself. LOL Nevermind, as long as is a break for us!

my eyebrow like drawn! but...i din't!! >//<

 Welcome To Genting Highland & Happy Halloween! huuuuuu~

Early 5a.m in the morning, lotsa auntie uncle waiting there for?! 

Found this at the ice-cream stall. 

Nothing better than sandwiches + sushi as breakfast! kakakakaka!

 Animals says ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

I laugh non-stop everytime when i see his face, and this makes me lmao!! 

 both with spec! Acting "chok" LOL

Found this super cute long sleeves tee! BUY! 


 come on!! yeebaa yeebaa!! 
He doesn't look like riding horse, perhaps he looks like on a bike =.=

 The real CHOK! :D

Apparently, I spend every night time to settle things on Chakaboo. I feel happy when all my dearie customers comment to me saying that they've received the parcel and they like it much. Cause honestly i put pretty much effort in it. And lastly, I greatly appreciated with all your supports ♥ ! 
I know u girls love dresses. Am I Right? In fact, I love dresses too. Teehee! Don't worry babes, i'll find more and more lovely, charming  & adorable dresses for y'all. I Promise ayy? :) By the way, this coming batch of new arrivals mostly are dresses! *wink*  So, keep your eyes on Chakaboo yo! muack! 

Just finish packing tomorrow's parcel! Enjoying~! hah! To all the make payment today, i'll post out by tomorrow! weeeee :)


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Anonymous said...

The super cute long sleeve tee is from PDI right? Pretty cute & suit u much. :D

anerly said...

thanks for like and <3 :D
is from padini authentic :)

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