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9 October 2011

make up tools

Hello ladies! What is u have in your make up pouch? 
To me, i dont't put on make up i dont bring make up tool daily la...hahahahahaha..only will bring them for vacation / photoshoot. A small pouch tough :) by the way, how big is yours? *hmmm...curious to know*
Wanna know what is the make up tool i usually use? Let me show ya! ;)

Start from the base ayy!

 These are the UV base , foundation , primer (usually will use the benefit's  primer on the right photo) 

Introducing this UV base from Biotherm. It has four different colors in total create different result for your skin. Light and it makes ur skin gloowwwww! 

My concealer collection hahahahaha! (using the mac 1)

  • Loose Power from  Artistry, amway & powder foundation from benefit. (usually only using the loose powder cause it's lighter) 
  • The eyeshadow...less use -.- hahaha
This is the eyebrow power from KATE.I felt nothing change after applying on my eyebrow, din't turn lighter >< guess my eyebrow too dark already LOL. In order to waste it, i use it as eyeshadow! muahahahahaha! looks nice lehh...

  • The eyebrow cream. Nah...this works! *wink* but don't put too much cause ur eyebrow will turn into gold color (it contains shimmer).
  • The false eyelash glue :) very sticky! good! 
Eyeliners & Mascara :) (not really use mascara..coz afraid of falling eyelash -.-)

Make up tips from professional make-up artist : 
Apply foundation from up to down to prevent skin over absorb chemical that contains. Yet, for skin care will have to apply from down to up for easy absorption.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,can i know Benefit's primer how to use it?


anerly said...

angela : use it before foundation / concealer ; after skin care :)

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

May i knw where u get the fake eye lashes glue ??? :D

anerly said...

is from sasa :)

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