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4 October 2011

smiley weekend

Gone thru a photo-shoot on sunday...the weather is too unpredictable =.= the dark cloud follow us wherever we go! sigh! It slow down everything...were like shoot 10 min have to wait for the rain 10 min...after that comes a big sun...then rain again...what was that huh?! End up have to continue this week to complete the album. No rain pls dearie god. thank you.
photo of sunday :) longer fringe! 
found a pretty swarovski crystal in fred's car :) its from uk 

Have y'all watch the 'The Sorcerer and the White Snake/ Its Love' ? I think is pretty a nice movie to watch. The point is, 黄圣依Eva is so gorgeous! Such a natural beauty. Me and hubby went to watch it on saturday night, is been a while we dint step into island for movie :) By the way, i want shopping!! Before movie, we went to have pizza as dinner.. Been craving it for so long, even thou we late for movie but still insist to have it first! hahaha

starving!! #pizzahut
always saying himself look good with sided face after getting this hair cut /.\
hi hi :) waiting for the hawaiian pineapple pizza coming! yayy!!
outfit of the night: #jacket #baby printed t-shirt #cottonon jumpsui #forever21 singlet  #longchamp #purple sneaker #adidas ransom strata mesh
one personal & one regular ! only pineapple! XD yum yum


Anonymous said...

where is the restaurant?

anerly said...

is pizza hut restaurant

esther said...

Girl, when i told you this, then you will boycott pizza hut already. they will not tax M**** for the meals although we ordered same food together T.T

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