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20 November 2011

During this sunday

Credit to Fred Chan :) 

During the hot sunny Sunday, stay home and blog is simply the best to me! What u had for lunch or brunch? I wish to have a icy cold one! I got plenty to share actually, but till now i couldn't find the way to write yet. lol OH YESH! Imma going for vacation on Wednesday..yahuu! Work hard play hard! That's the words! hah! Is India this time~ heard that is a amazing place yet dirty ><''. I think i better go for a injection to avoid bacteria, or else i will have food poisoning ill again. Wait for my photos of this country!
Look what i've found in google, isn't it beautiful? feel gao gao! hahaha

Well, i did a studio shoot for Chakaboo's new batch :) Special thanks to Xjun for helping in my cloths. We had quite alot of fun during~ And to be emphasize...MOCCO studio is superb! Comfortable, Cute, Simple! I was wearing their theme color dress to their studio that night! LOL i dint wear it in purpose lo! hahaha
Suddenly feel so in love this color, turquoise right?  

Have a nice day peep! 


joie said...

Will you become indian gal when u came back from there??

anerly said...

i hope i dont!!! >///<

Jhu said...

so sweet of you! i love turquoise too. :)

gotta spend some time finished your blog.

So lovely. :)

anerly said...

jhu : thanks for reading :)

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