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4 December 2011

Incredible India - Kolkata aka Calcutta

First day arrive india...first impression, why so dusty? Is it fog or dust? LOL...
Kolkata aka Calcutta, because this city been occupied by british, and because of british dont know how to pronounce Kolkata..they change it to english name Calcutta. This city was the capital of India until 1911. Kolkata is the main business, commercial and financial hub of East India and the northeastern states too. 
Before that, lets begin the journey at Singapore Changi Airport...This trip we have around 80pax! Such a huge number of people huh?...big family thou 

 imma so in love with this small water pack, on board!

Rub Rub Rub out ur creativity!! hah!! i made one too! Childish me ><''

outfit of the day...purple-ish me! p/s: with purple luggage too! LMAO

We reached hotel around 11pm (malaysia time zone).  Our hotel name, Heaven Hotel! lol...still remember when we fill up the entry cards for India, one of the blank is to fill up the address that in India, all of us wrote Heaven instead of Heaven Hotel! hahaha~ true what... XD
People here are really poor until u can't imagine. They don't have shoe, their white school uniform are all  grey in color, don't have water supply, kids around 4 - 5 become beggar and more... Feel so upset when seeing how they live their life in such a bad environment. We are way too happiness~ :) Must appreciate what we have!  

Hotel Heaven! hahahahahahahahaha! We stay 2 night here :)

 Yellow yellow taxi all around Kolkata! Is like 70percent is all taxi on the road!

 This is the place where they get water supply, place in front of the village

 They bath beside the street...

muscular fierce man!

 Their rice is soooo long!! Weird -.-

 Desert after lunch...erm...i dare not to heard that is very sweet! yuckksss!!

cincai cincai walk around hotel area after lunch, cincai cincai snap photo, cincai cincai face =.= gosh!!

 Bus is all around too!

Hello mr.dusty brownie car! hahahahaha..curious that how long this people wash car?!

This is the way they do business along the streets...

This tram only available in Kolkata now.

Books stores in front of college, mostly are medical book.

outside of the college 

Cute little students with our kids :)

A very nice building with 3 different design after step in. Can't see anything from out, seriously! Is awesome.

Alright, stop here first...will continue more :) 


Doreen Tan said...

the food at there is delicious???^^

Anthon Ch'ng said...

Nice photos, they do have beautiful building too.

Official Spider said...

Yea we bath beside the street and don't drink water from a 135 ml cup.

Thanks 4 visiting anyway

joie said...

Do you find out why the town is so dusty?

kyoong said...

Nice photo!!!

Anonymous said...

Ur english sucks. U ain't suppose to be this famous, u don't deserve it at all .

anerly said...

Doreen, curry and roti naan is nice! :)
Anthon, yes they do have beautiful buildings~
Joie, idk leh....haven't figure it out! Lol
Official spider, u're welcome! U got a beautiful country...
Thanks for comments =D

sushantap said...

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