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9 December 2011

Incredible India - Bodhgaya

Greetings! Time for the second update for the Incredible India trip. Seems there is quite numbers of you that got some interest on this trip. Feel greatful to all of you that read each of my sincere post. Something came across my mind, first time came a anonymous that drop comment on my previous post critique on me. Thanks for your comment :) I'll improve more into proper english! Another question is, you said that i ain't suppose to be this famous, do i ? I welcome any criticize, regardless you like me or not. This is me.
Back to post's topic. Here is the second day in India. We overnight in train, is my first time taking train! It tooks 8hrs to reach destination, which is from 7pm to 3am. Amazing! But before leaving Kolkata, we went to some viewpoints. Still, beautiful cultural heritage all around.

The railway station in Kolkata. Over 10,000 people!! 

Our bed in train, nightmare ><''

Here we are at Bodhgaya! The holiest of spots of Buddhism. We arrive hotel around 5 in the morning :) Sky start become bright...Hotel name Sambodhi Retreat, is quite a special place, their design is nice and comfortable! We stay here for 2 nights.

Is kind of a big place here, many different design of chalets, gardens and so on...

After breakfast we decided to walk around the whole area of their place. Is really big! We like it, feel so relaxing with the morning weather. 

Super cute Tibetan baby in the house! His name is Chimmila *if i ain't spell it wrongly*, he is extremely naughty and he like to hold wooden stick tofight with other kid and he always say no no no no no~ hahaha! He and his dad follow our trip for 5 days if not mistaken. We love him much!!! 

Here is the Mahabodhi Temple. You heard about this temple? Is one of the famous temple in the world. As it was here under the Bodhi Tree, that Gautama, Prince of Kapilvastu, attained Nirvanaand became the Buddha, the enlightened one. The tree that stands today is belived to have grown the original one under which Lord Buddha meditated. There are alot of devotees from other country came to pilgrimage. For examples, Japan,Thailand,Burma,China,Tibet and Sri Lanka....

Here is the Bodhi Tree that i mentioned. 

After that we went to few more temple. Nothing much about that. Went Varanasi the next day...
Stop here! Will continue more soon ♥


Anonymous said...

Interesting and fun trip..
I wish I can go for this kind of trip :(

Doreen Tan said...

fun at there.....^^

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