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20 December 2011

Mini Stall

Christmas is just around the corner...what's your plan during this eve? I feeling like go for a party...since i never party for quite some times...should i? hahaha. Don't care! Yay!! Christmas mood on! (**)v
This month quite a hectic month for me, busy preparing pretty stuff for my girls on Chakaboo. More, we've set up a mini stall last Sunday..and will continue every Sunday until CNY :) Thanks to who that came to visit our stall, and thanks for supporting! Drop by to us again this Sunday~ more stuff coming!
Post a photo of our mini you that can't find our stall, here is how it look like. We sell dress, cloth, pants, skirt, handmade hair accessories, stocking and plugy! 
It's located front part of Chai Leng Park morning market. In front of a fruit store.
Business hour: 7:30a.m - 12:00p.m

Our DIY paper bag with sticker! 

Here is the adorable Plugy! Did u own one? Buy now at Chakaboo.
There are more coming, special and limited plugy! 


Apple Juice said...

Dont have sell bag ?

anerly said...

im sorry....not for now :(

Anonymous said...

hello.whre u buy the bag?whats brands?tq

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