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24 December 2011

This eve :)

Hi guys, how is your christmas eve and day? Party all night long? haha! I went to chill with friends plus countdown along upper penang road. Buddies of the night joie, zac, lunior, sky :) Had a great dinner with them at Smoky Jack, and then walk around!  Met quite alot of friends, greeting each other, its fun!
Hubby gave a little surprise for me, he bought a lomo cam!!Is a gold edition DianaF+.  *laugh out loud with both hands up* Very bling and delicate. Just love it! Thank you hubby boy 
By the way, what did you get this christmas? Share with me! 

There u go, this is how it looks :)
p/s : I actually don't know how to play with it yet. gosh! I guess i will put it as a room deco =.=

It comes with a story book. There are loads of awesome lomography and people's stories. 

End here, once again, Merry Christmas and happy new year everyone! 


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