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4 January 2012

first post of 12

Hello, time to post something..feeling sad about my stats >//< I don't mean to neglect you my dear...oh and my india trip post, i just made two! My goodness! I'll try do update more... *head down*
Today, i'll write about the cooking session for boyfie's birthday dinner! XD my first time cook so much of dishes..i don't wish to, but he force me to! LOL Is all home recipe from my mama. The result came out *looks* quite similar with mama's cook! And the taste was not bad too *he said* ~ yayy!!
I cooked, baked bean with eggs, fried bean curd with sweet soya source, fry vegetables. Wanted to give a name for each at the same time, but failed. =.=  As you can see, no meat at all, because he is vegetarian!
Feel so much happiness when seeing he eating with smiley face and keep saying thank you thank you thank you. Besides, he finished all! He said it is the best birthday gift ever!! *Happy* You are welcome darling  

Here are the thing i prepared :)

Do they look yummeh?

Opps! done writting~ have a nice day peeps! 


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