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17 January 2012


You know what, I always read other people's blog to gain some inspiration...else..i really don't know what to blog. Now is working hour (okay i know is dinner time d) but i feel like blogging! Boss not around~ *evil smile* hahaha To be true, i feel much envious blogger that really earned from nuffnang. I wonder how is the day when i first receive cheque from nuffnang~! One big stack of bills infront of me...i feel like dying! Suffered from menstrual pain yesterday, nothing can compare!!  I swear!! 
Cny come in less than a week, but why none of the excitement is on? Plus I not even prepare anything pudding head is like too much of brown sugar added! The faded color has grown until the ear area..,gosh! I can't believe I can stand it for this long! And and and the long unpainted nail...i always wish to do a beautiful nail since like hundred years ago. But always failed for no why...or should say that im lazy to make appointment =.= sigh! This year...same thing goes in mind, " I want a beautiful medicure " Still...i not even have the booking yet!!! *shake head* okay okay...i will call and book later~ For the pudding head, I will go and make it pretty tonight! Finally! hahaha Saying about changing hairstyle...cut a new fringe no?! keep it long first >//< 
Hey hey..almost 6:00 pm gonna off  from work soon! hehe ♥ 
ciao peeps! have a nice day :) 

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