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1 February 2012

Days during cny ep.1

Seriously been feeling so lazy, lazy to wake up, lazy to start-up the laptop...i just want more holiday. Today is the day get back to work..yawnnnnn..and my pc is gone crazy again, it can't even reach to the windows! How can i work without it? fml. So i've been acting like im working all day...Perhaps, there are some cheering thing behind bad thing...definitely is the angpao from colleagues and boss! Yay! Collected few more today :) But this year counts ain't like the other year..but amount seems increase $_$
By the way, how did u pass the long holiday? I went genting + kl with family. A short yet happiness trip. Also visited the old course-mates and some lovely friends on chu5 & 6. When is the next date? hehehe

 the sick face! day 1 in genting highland..high fever day, slept for 14hours to recharge. >//< 

bling bling guy vs denim guy LOL

Tea time with mama, bro and  hubby :) relaxxxxxx...

night bowling under the neon light, w/ bro and hubby! i'm the loser of the night><

nothing much then at genting for 3 days...then headed to aunt's house at kl. Big sun day! 

So greeen! Like x100

Opps! Gonna end here...will upload more photo in next post :) Doing some editing for Chakaboo's new arrival. Byee~ 


min said...

hi mind to tell where is ur aunt's house? so nice the house, unique! (just let me know the area :) )

anerly said...

min : hi, is at sungai long :)

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