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3 February 2012

Days during cny ep2

Went to visit Alan Lee (one of the keat photog) on chu5 night with the girls name jialin, derella and natalie :) Playing with his son ryan and new born baby russell. They were so cute!  Ryan was keep on playing with his ipad. He even got his own canon G-12, he was only around 5 years old. FINE! I only got G-11 >///< Had a great night with them and the great supper they brought us to! Oh ya...nice to meet u Nat hehehe When is out next date huh?

 camwhore time!!! 

baby ryan

baby russell 

The one who gave us ang pao! Thanks boss! XD

Us ♥ photo by derella 

big eyes Natalie :) 

Cutie Derella! photo grab from her album again hehe

After visiting mr.alan, all of us went to Jorine's birthday gathering at Picnik. Happy Birthday to u again girl :) Stay healthy and pretty 

Photo taken at Picnik. Happy Chines New Year guys! 


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