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21 March 2012

Im Navajo crazy, are u?

I remember the first time i saw navajo print design is from hubby's socks that he bought overseas. I was like, "why so nice one ur socks?" Since then i became a big fan of this warmth, earth colors of design. It's now one of the latest trend also, right? I hope could found more things about it 
Did u know about Navajo Indian? Lets talk a little :)

The Navajos call themselves "DinĂ©" - "The People." Navajo, the largest tribe of North American Indians. They lived in homes called hogans that are made from wooden poles, tree bark, and mud.  The doorway opened to the east so they could welcome the sun. The Navajo reservation is currently the largest in the United States.  It has over 165,000 people live in Navajo Country.  The Navajo Nation is governed by an elected tribal council headed by a tribal chairman. The council is made up of representatives of various election districts. The Navajo people have been recognized as extraordinary artists. Women weave beautiful blankets expressing warmth, earth colors, and unique designs. These designs often depicted earth-like patterns, figures of Navajo spiritual significance.

Opps! Enough for the history hah! Lets survey a little for the navajo inspired stuff. Big love lah~ 
Now look at theseeeeee!!! I want them Aren't they adorable? 

Is it enough to let u fall in love with NAVAJO? Lets like it together!


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