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19 March 2012

Sweet at 16

I know most of you like dessert / frozen yogurt / ice blended or more to the point is we all love to have dessert while chit chatting, right? On last Saturday night 17.03.12 me and Sheryn were invited to Sweet 16 @ Times Square, Penang. No other words to describe but CUTE! Is truly melt my heart with the soft comfy pink interior paint. The shop not big but it has another storey in it :) Yvonne aka Babyvon is the owner of Sweet 16, curious why is it Sweet 16? This is because she and her boyfriend fall for each other when sixteen *so sweet*

outfit of the night :) Brown vs Blue LOL

Before that, lets take a walk in this lovely cafe!

Here comes the intro of their healthy ice blended yogurt All made by them and from fresh fruit juice non artificial flavor & color added. We ordered few kinds of ice and they served some ala carte snacks for us too :

Here are the ice blended yogurt that we ordered : 
from left, 100% honey dew (new release) , grape yogurt ice, yogurt ice 

 Don't forget to add topping! you can choose to add topping u wan in the menu! We choose : gummy bear, aloe vera, ai yu, taro balls & QQ balls.
The reason why they separate the ice and the topping is because ice is acidity food, it may froz up the taro ball & QQ balls.

Sheryn keep on saying that the homemade Rojak is superb! *must try* I love the small deep fried bean curd!
We Are Done!! Slurrrrrpyyy~

We enjoy chilling and eating the refreshing ice/snacks all night long until 1030, cause the environment..make us wanna stay longer..hah! By the way, I saw one of the check-in comment says that is a bit disappointing cause it not expected like the Hello Kitty cafe in tw. Actually, is just the owner love Kitty cat much and move one of her own big Kitty to shop :) for display. Not purposely make it like Kitty cafe one hehe...BUT their food and ice is worth to visit again and again + they have a pretty boss too! *wink*

w/ the lady boss and the kitty :)

enjoying~ #nom  PS: what do u think of my new fringe? hahaha
weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !! 
my all time bestie + sista love
The next update, next round at another famous cafe intown! 


kawazoe.ivy (:* ™ said...

u r so sweet~ pretty...

Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly! May I know whr u go for yr hair cut and which stylish u looking for?

anerly said...

thanks ivy :)
anonymous: i cut the fringe myself :)

Anonymous said...

may i know where u get the one piece dress.
it's so lovely

Anonymous said...

I mean the whole hairstyle =) u look very nice Wth it!

anerly said...

dress, i got it from queensbay mall
hair, got it cut at BigHead Studio, BM

Anonymous said...

sorry, may i know which shop in quenbassy??

Anonymous said...

Cut by who? Which stylish?

anerly said...

is the boss mr.Zac Bong

Anonymous said...

love your new hairstyle :)

Anonymous said...

its quenbassy which shop name?
n which floor

anerly said...

is not located at queensbay. is at timesquare ground floor :)

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