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15 March 2012

movie night

so blur =.=

Hello people, Wednesday is movie day right? It seems I seldom blog about movie cause I don't really watch movie unless hubby show me trailer. I prefer comedy actually, some of you might think that watch comedy in cinema is kind of wasting money... but I love the feeling when everyone is laughing together! *very nice one*
Yesterday hubby show me another trailer again, he mentioned quite a lot of good feedback for this movie. John Carter. Have you watch it yet? Is a Disney production *i love disney movie* Quite an interesting movie and I love John Carter, from Virginia! XD 


pig mouth >///<

mua outfit of the night ^^
Opss! Forget to mention..i cut my fringe. DIY again hehehehehehe...

Have a nice day  


creampuff said...

nice movie ~ <3

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