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9 March 2012

Another cooperate with them

Time to have an update :) I did a photoshoot last Sunday. We planned this for months cause is not easy to find a old school bus that willing to rent out for few hours, but big clap for Mr.Alan. He made it..teehee~ His partner of the day is Shan, a hot lady! Im here today is just post some of my favorite shots here..actually i love all of them >//< but too much to post out, so i choose some! This time is more on a themed because of the venue is inside a old school hot and both of them sweating like hell...

Hope you guys like it :)

The weather these days has gone crazy, and almost raining everyday. Please take care, all of us! Drink more water to avoid sick ya! 


simcatfish said...

perfect pictures with great profession~~~

Anonymous said...

i love ur dress !!
mind to share where did u get it ? thx :)

anerly said...

thanks simcatfish :)
anonymous: i bought from tw :)

XiYeN said...

looks like 232 public bus..HAha

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