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4 March 2012

Reaches another week"end"

Oh gosh! Is Sunday again! Times fliesssss...Can't believe is March now... >//< By the way, how's your weekend? Some of your might went to watch LeeHom in live right? Nice? Handsome or not?? hahahaha Tomorrow I got long story from mifyn *the bff* for sure, cause she went too! Okay, talking about weekend always come fast go weekend passed just like that /.\ Normal day out with hubby just now, although is just a simply date but is kinda sweet too *wink*

helloww =D
Oh ya...friday was my pap's birthday,  we went for a family gather dinner at night at a restaurant somewhere near my house :) missed out my brother and the homemade cake by my er jie is the best! Sluuurp~

Finish about pap's birthday and say hello Sunday We went Gurney just many cars from inside out! I think is kinda big event for motor right? And saw few of my pretty babe working there too. They are just hawwtt man! Bumped into Sheryn as well, i just long time dint meet up with here d..miss her so much! Should plan a date for us very soon (^^)v Nothing special, but we went Redbox again LOL just realize that they change their control screen all to touch screen >///< is kinda hard to work with it thou.

My super comfy outfit of the day :)

Sing it out louuuddd!! XD

Hello mr.choo! lalala~ whatever! 

One last thing, have you join Pudding? Is something like Instagram but it works in both android and also iphone. I'm joining just for fun. Follow me if u want @anerly

Mom is cooking right now and it smells real nom! XD Super hungry lah...ciao! 
Bye Bye and have a nice day guys. 


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