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21 February 2012

V day

Greetings! How was your life going? Perhaps, I should ask how was your valentine's day? Opps, din't notice that it has already passed a week -.- Me and hubby don't really celebrate it cause we got something more important to do :) Everyday should be valentine's day right? Somehow, already got my valentine that always stick together. Is just nothing better than that! I comprehended alot lately, felt that we at another step in our relationship. This is the most happiness thing in the world! It is not easy to reach, we both been through hard time too, which couple don't have conflict? Right, i learn from mistake :) and improved. I remember the hardest part is when couldn't express the feeling with only words to him, couldn't pass it off on my own...can't help cry it out loud!! But im my opinion, everything can solve. This time, for our love, we solved again in peace. Spent time to talk and understand each other. I can't explain how wonderful is that when I relief all my feeling to him, we grow again! *clap clap* ILY!! hmmmm....Nothing special for the V gift, besides, only bought each other some apparel. *i love my fluffy lattice skirt*

Went to had "Sweet Heart" as lunch on 14feb. So cute with the heart shape pizza LOL 

Sunday 12feb, for the pre valentine's. Haagen-dazs Chocolate Fondue
hello baby! hehe


ribbon ring from bkk :) 

Bought this @ Gurney for my babyS, awww...i love purple so much!! is the skirt i mention just now :) nice? Wore it on Sunday 19feb. 

We went Boutique Bystroe before head for movie *高海拔之恋* the bottle is super cute! you can even made our your own there with only RM1. We dint do one cause rush for movie >///< , it takes 20 - 40 min for baking.

him with his cappuccino, #happysunday 

I guess i've finish uploading and writing :) hope u like this post. Is about the 12Feb & 19Feb. All photo above was taken with my new S. Isn't it awesome?! hehehe
Alright, period pain is killing me now >//< Gonna go grab some food for dinner! bye bye 


Anonymous said...

anerly,where is the place that you ate love shape pizza?Whereis boutique bystroe ?What apps are you using to write beautiful words on picture? Thank u^^

anerly said...

hi, the love shape pizza is from pizza hut for the valentine special :) The app that i use for the font is Phonto.

Anonymous said...

may i noe where u cut ur hair?i like ur hairstyle n hair color so much ;)

anerly said...

hi, i cut my hair at BM. BigHead Studio

Anonymous said...

Yhanks for telling me=)
Is a studio? tat means not salon?..

anerly said...

is a saloon haha! but name BigHead Studio :) Beside jitsin independent high school

Anonymous said...

whre u buy the bag?whats brands?

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