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20 June 2012

Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012

Now tell me what is better than the Hennessy Artistry that held in Penang? XD Well apparently after about 2 years I din't go for party, this is the first time after all this while! Well actually, we are just aiming to watch LollipopF in live ><  and the best part is we are standing so close to them!! *scream* Big thanks to Povy Teng Poh Vee for the VIP passes *lai lai hug jit eh* Sad case was, I forgot to bring my camera on the night *whack* , so for this post most of the photo is from friend's camera! I'm waiting for them to upload more so that i can steal it to make a post here ^^ thanks for the photos yo! Is just so happpp that night!

Hey yo! Party time! #MifynChoo Erm...sorry just ignore the person behind us...just IGNORE him!

Performance by Suki Low! Great vocal!! 

阴气好重 hahaha
From left: SzuGeng, Cymin, Me, Mifyn, Sheryn, YiXinXIn, Zuen

#Mifyn #Cymin  I actually ain't that petite right? LOL 
*this is because im nearest one to the camera* SAD! 

#Von big color contrast between me & her sigh! *the fairness i meant*


Ginger flavor! Like ^^ 

Following by the LollipopF *screaaaaammmmmm* Can u imagine how close they are dancing until i can feel their foot stepping right infront of us? XD Too bad we went off  to find friends right after their performance, so dint manage to take picture with them! Heard that they came down from stage to V Zone to take picture with guest T.T 

Anyway, we enjoy so much that night :) Looking forward for the next event with these people!
Have a nice day ahead guys. 


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