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14 June 2012

Makeup remover that I like the most *share*

naked face. fml

Speaking about make-up remover, I've tried brands like Lorea'l, The Face Shop, Nivea, Benefits....
But they are all not suitable for my skin and cause clog pores skin. for your info, I you have the same problem with me should not use cleansing oil and cleansing milk. They create pimples, blackheads, and also oily face! I HATE oily face on me. Thus, remove makeup is the MOST important step, if you dint remove properly, the leave off of foundation will create pigmentation and also pore blockage. A little tips: For oily to combination skin, do not use cleansing oil, use only cleansing cream.
Till then, a miracle appear! Skin Food Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream. * twinkle stars falling from the sky* It cleans away dense makeup and leave moist skin 
Just apply a appropriate amount and gently massage until the makeup dissolves, remove with tissue following with the cleanser then skin care.
  Photo from Skinfood website. 

I felt it is quite economize cause this is only the 2nd one since November2011 here until now June2012Therefore, my skin problem improve alot! No lying~! Less clogging pores, and less pimples! *bouncing finger* Perhaps, certainly when you have such skin problem, lessen apply thick foundation on face will help works even better! For a thousand reason, I just love it! Hohoho~

Before end! I just discovered this new bubble milk tea shop located somewhere near my working place, Simpang Ampat. Today after lunch we went there for take away, we was surprised with the take away packaging that comes with a sharp orange color recycle bag! How come they so "tie xin" one! Awww~~~ The tea was ok, not bad! I ordered Grape Champagne + Pearl ! Forget to mention that the name of this shop is m.berries ζŸδΉζ€. If you like bubble tea, can try this out! ^^


Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly, where did u get the bellewave? I am interested in that bcz i have blemish prone skin. Is this brand good? U hv really good complexion :)


anerly said...

hi there, i bought the bellewave at a beauty saloon at penang :) i think it works pretty good on my skin. u can try

Anonymous said...

Oh okay :) thank you !! oh ya, which beauty saloon is that ah?haha I am from penang too..penang kia :D


Kit Yeng said...

Hi pretty,

How much is the skin food remover ya :)

Anonymous said...

I should read dis before i get neutrogena cleansing water, is this ok to remove the eyes and lips make up?


anerly said...

Sarah: Is at farlim...i forgot the saloon name d...but is beside old sunshine farlim, same roll with a restaurant, beside got pet shop and hair saloon.
Kit Yeng: i not sure...around 70 i think...forgot d..
Shuay: is only for face my dear :) waterproof eye make up should use oil to remove it

Anonymous said...

any recommed for waterproof eye make up removerT^T

anerly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

hw much skin food fce remover?thx..

from joyce

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