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24 July 2012

Lomography Malaysia x Anerly

Hello! Some of you might knew that I own a lomo camera, it is Diana F+ Gold  To be frank, I never try use it to snap a photo but often brought it for photoshoot! Sounds like I use it as a props, do I? Anyway, I love how it shines in gold color~ its really cool & unique! Big thanks to the boyfriend for this cool gift for last Christmas  

For you info, this post i'm gonna do a shout out that going to start running on this Thursday!! Which is...Giveaway one colorful DIANA F+ CMYK Win it in super simple ways!   

First - "Like" my Photo :)
Second - "Like" Lomography Malaysia
Third - Fill up this Form (at all the required* blanks)

Smile like a kiddo lol

I bet you don't wanna missed this great opportunity from Lomography Malaysia right? So  please stay tuned on my personal fb profile HERE.  Contest runs from 26 July 2012 until 9August 2012. Only open to Malaysia residents.

So this is the camera that is going to reach your doorstep soon! ^^  

In case you don't know why does lomo cam sound so fun & special, let the experts explain a little alright?
Lomography is a pretty recent type of photography invented by the Lomographic Society, founded in the early nineties in Austria. The founders first experimented with Lomo LC-A, a cheap Russian toy camera. They were taken by the unique, high contrast photos with vignettes and soft focus. The original lomo cameras are the LC-A, Holga, Fisheye, Colorsplash and Supersampler.Lomography is considered an art movement; as there are now several stores, galleries, groups, competitions and embassies around the world aiming to spread and support the art.
According to, There are 10 rules that define ‘lomography’:
1. Take your camera wherever you go.
2. Use it any time - Day & Night.

3. Lomography is not an interference in your life, but a part of it.
4. Try to shoot from the hip. 
5. Approach the objects of your Lomographic desire as close as possible.
6. Don’t think.
7. Be fast.
8. You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film.
9. Afterwards either.
10. Don’t worry about any rules!


Anonymous said...

the page didnt see ur photo.....???

anerly said...

photo & form will launch on this Thursday :)

Anonymous said...


ah nie ♥ said...

I hope i can get the camera ♥ Nice blog :D

Anonymous said...

hai,anerly~~nice to meet u.. U mind tell me here ur Longchamp Le pliage Serial number here..example like 2605089545 or 2605089270????do u see inside ur bag get a i like the colour of bag..i want oso have one..Tq..^^ from joanne

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