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30 July 2012

July's pick up

Hi Monday! I think is time to share some stuff that I bought in this month before it reach August. Some accessories and hurray I finally found the mickey shades online :) Apparently, hubby went outstation for a week, I swear I will survive! Cause I don't want him to worry about me ♥ Thus, this week will a little busy for new stock preparation on Chakaboo :)  

ohh la lift to brighten up my dark circle

Mua first Casio Baby-G in white! ^^

I have a dress that look exactly same with this shoe's fabric print! hahaha

So, above are my July's pick up. I love to buy accessories although I ain't wear if frequently. So is like always buy and keep in the drawer -.- should stop shopping for August cause have to save more cash for trip >< God bless! End here, have a nice day peeps!


Anonymous said...

hey there, could you show us like what make-up have you used daily & occasionally ? sort of the brands of make-up of your choice :) thanks and hope to hear from you soon ;) have a nice day!

anerly said...

hi, i'll try my best to do a daily make-up tutorial :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly~which type of eyelash you using ya? your eye look so natural and nice:D weeeee :P

anerly said...

hello, i'll blog it soon yea! stay tuned :)

Anonymous said...

can i know where u bought the accessories? so nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Anerly, can I know where you bought the mickey shades? :) and what camera are you using to shoot? cuz all the photos quality look so damn good! Love it <3

My suggestion, it would be much better if you could state out where you bought those stuffs? Just my suggestion, just saying :)

Thank you.

anerly said...

thanks for your suggestion :) i'll mention next time! the shades i bought from & the photos i took by using iphone4s ^^

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