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7 August 2012

Incredible India - Taj Mahal

Oh god! I can't believe i'm still blogging about my last year India trip -.- I want to share this place to y
all cause its worth! Is a very beautiful & magnificent place. So huge! Is just look so gorgeous from inside out! Well the weather in India is kinda unpredictable...evening from 12:00 - 4:00 is hot and night to morning very cold. So is hard for us to decide what to wear, and the boyfie thought that will be some  kind of windy day so he wore a black color hoodie! XD Hot die! do i >< Coz i wore a hoodie too! fml.
Back in speaking about Taj Mahal. Is actually a white marble mausoleum, located in Agra. One of the greatest building in the world as well. I'm feeling so glad that i step on this land! ^^ Everything in white marble and  you also can feel some coolness inside. Let pics talk!

The entrance. 

 Wrap your shoe before you get in! Or you can choose to walk without shoe ;)

The beautiful river at the back.

 Fun time! Hmm...we took alot this kind of pictures, jumping here and there but honestly I only dare to show this cause the hair covered my face! muahahahaaha~ freaking ugly with mua naked face ><

The lil sis yumiko! Cutie pie!

Look what i got during this trip?! This kind of insect is soooo vicious huh? It can affect any place with the pus. Scar is still with me now T.T

Bought this from Changi Aiport, love it love it! 

Till then,  looking back pictures that we took last year, i found that my hair is growing quite fast even i've cut them few times HAPPY! Okay okay the end of crabbing. Guess that I will stop my India trip post here. Hopefully next will be my daily makeup tutorial for y'all :) Errr....not a vlog yet teheee! Stay Tuned <3


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