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10 August 2012

Big Bang concert ticket x 2

Feel so upset that missed out the chance to purchase Big Bang concert ticket or feeling that the ticket is too expensive? For all the Big Bang freak our there, Hermo is giving this opportunity for you to join their concert  on 27th Oct 2012. Just some simple steps and you stand a chance to get tickets that WORTH RM776!! How awesome?!!?!! I've joined! Hope to be the lucky one hehehe
Now here are how to participate   Wish you luck!

1) "Like" our fans page at
2) Share the event page and poster <<click here>>, tagging 10 friends inside.
3) Make an order on this RM0 lucky draw ! 
4) Tell your friends about this lucky draw on
5) Done and wait for your lucky god visit!
Rules and Regulations
1) Every registered IC Full name can only take part once (make one order). Applying new users will not be counted.
2) Chances only given to those who take part between 3 Aug - 17 Aug
3) The lucky winner will be disqualified if found did not follow the participating steps.幸运的得奖者,如果被发现没有跟着步骤而参与抽奖,将会被取消资格。然后,我们的管理员会另外抽出另一个幸运的得奖者代替!
4) Please do not mix this lucky draw with other products to avoid collisions. 请不要把这个抽奖跟其他的商品放在一起
5) You do not need to proceed to payment page (You can choose the manual transer and press confirm). Order made on this "product" will do as this is RM0 lucky draw. 各位MM们,你们不需要进入到付款的页面,因为这个抽奖是免费的。把这个0元抽奖放入Shoppingcart,然后check out以及填写资料,confirm就可以了:)
6) Staff will contact you at 18 Aug if you are lucky enough.
7) 2 x Big Bang Alive Concert 2012 Kuala Lumpur @ 27 Oct tickets will be given to the lucky winner.


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