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14 August 2012

Go Mochado!

Yes or no Monday blue?! hehehe

In a big sunny day, the best way to keep cool is stay in an air-cond room serve with an icy cold drink! Perfect no?! I went to visit my friend's new open beverage shop Mochado Beverage House! The ambiance is very comfortable that makes you wanna stay longer :) I think their interior is more on lounge/pub design than casual bubble tea shop. Soft light + hits song! For now, they only serve beverage, tons of choices! Further more, they are one and only. No doubts, they are original! Everything create and design by themselves, happy for him & his friend! For your info, the shop start business not more that one month only. It's NEW in town!
Took some photos of the environment :) Feel free to pay a visit of this creative shop and experience the creativity on beverage your own!

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Hello driver of the day! ^^ *Our Red Bean Milk Tea* 

 This *Strawberry Green Tea* very nice! plain ice water actually, im just feels like showing you guys their pretty logo...again -.- lol

Candid shot of  the day! Huuu..I like it babeh! 

Isn't it nice?! I will go again soon..And yup, like what the blackboard written, slow down your step and get yourself a cup of TEA! Makes everything BETTER!! *I personally like those blackboard very much and wish to draw something on it* Did you hear me kangyong?! =P

Last one, the boss with my man :) Congratulations once again!


Address: Pusat Bandar 2, 34200 Parit Buntar.
Contact: 017 4414417
Business hour: Mon - Sun 11a.m - 12a.m

Here, the direction map! Hope you can easily found it ^^


fotball gal :)) said...

Near my house , I will go try ^^

Zhen Nien said...

Hi,can I know what camera are you using for taking the photos?:)

anerly said...

Zhen nien: Iphone4s

Anonymous said...

Seriously, besides the environment, the bubble tea they served is totally not good (missing the taste of 'tea'). Not recommended if no further improvement.

#Hαchiko# said...

Hello, i wanna ask you, did this Mochado halal? Any malay's workers? I'm asking cause i'm a muslims. The bubble tea shop is near my house though. Hope you can reply :D

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