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30 August 2012

3rd Anni Celebration

Here is your's truly spent the anniversary night with her love one. We din't plan anything for this year, yet we celebrate like planned LOL. For the first time both of us try spa and also whole body massage. Due to our 'sampat-ness', we both dress up nice, i even with make-up!! End up all cloth off and imagine i sauna with make up...pores all open big big!! >< So embarrassing! We bought a couple spa & massage package at only RM330. Package included, body massage, spa & Jacuzzi. We bought the voucher during Raya eve at Plaza Gurney, they was having promotions at round floor and our friend working there and introduce us :) Other than this package, they still offer a few package more. Hence, this is how we manage to get our first massage and spa TOGETHER 
Made reservation for 8:30pm, rush back straight away after work. Ate only bread for our dinner :( 
I heard about Deluxcious before, knowing that their boutique hotel is very nice and the restaurant too! Should plan a date for honeymoon with hubby soon (^^)/

Lets start with our selca photo of the night babeh!

Hi baby!

Jacuzzi time ^^ Bubblesss~!! *youseenothing*

After enjoyed so much for spa, headed to Piknik for our super late dinner =.= As usual, full of young people there! Still, i'm so in love with this place :) Every little corner full of young people's art & design. We found some little green soldier that night XD We both keep on playing and snap photo of these little green guy lol *childish* 
He looks cute here =P

 The soldiers trying to kill me!!

Kim-chee Spaghetti! 

Waffle with cheese  & egg! 

Toy session! LOL *bang bang bang*

WAIT WAIT WAIT!! Imma show you my lovable present from him! All the way shipped from Italy! *eyes rolling with tears*
What a neat and pretty packing 

Tadaahh! He bought a #Givenchy scarf for me and another navy blue color for himself :) *he said for his birthday on december* Super love it! I can know tie it on my lv bag! Huhu~! Thanks darling ♥ 

Deeply appreciate every special moment with him. Is just the 3rd year now, i'm sure we can walk further! ^^ Thanks again for everything. He tought me alot. ILY :)


Trinie said...

Such a nice place to relax! Btw can I know which cam did you use to take all these nice photos? Also, mind to do hair tutorial? Love the way you style your hair! I wonder how you style it..

anerly said...

All the photo taken by iphone4s :) except for the pressie one, that was taken with my dslr

Trinie said...

Wow iphone can take such nice clear photos.. mind to share how you style your hair? :)

Anonymous said...

whre u buy ur bag??wat brand ?clutch izzt?tq

anerly said...

Will do a tutorial soon:)
I bought from Juru,auto-city. Random bag no brand one. Yes..u can use it as a clutch too

Tan tan said...

May I know how he order the present from Italy?how is the shipping fee?

anerly said...

Use credit card, the shipping fee is quite high around rm150 to reach your house :)

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