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18 September 2012

Beach ♥ with Shuen

Photo credit to Peggy Loo

I been feeling so ill these days, fall sick like twice in less than 2 weeks >< First come is serious sore-throat until i can't swallow food :(  second food poisoning =.= fml. Luckily i feel much better right now! At least i can eat foooood~ Been suffer in hunger!
Planned a photoshoot session with one of my long known photographer last month. He said wanna do it at again =.= *fyi, he've been done a few set of album at beach* I was kinda worry for the outcome cause I really don't like to have same feeling like the other album he did. Luckily he gave me quite alot of surety saying that he will never do the same! And yes, i trusted him :) So I was thinking why don't I bring up my niece since he wanted to have a photoshoot session with little Shuen long time ago! So here is how we made up! First time photoshoot with a kid. They said I'm like her mama . Nooooooo!! Well actually I wish my future baby adorable as her too  Everyone keep saying we both looks alike up to 80%? I think there are some angle make us looks similar lah~
Seriously, I have totally no idea how to co-operate with this lil monster, because I don't wanna look like her mama ><'' You know what, she request her mommy to bring bikini for her! What's inside your brain Heng Yee Shuen?? lol
Too bad we have too little time, so not much shots we got...Perhaps, 来日方长! We still have lots of chances :)

*Pictures time*

So thin of her, cute no?! She's six this year ♥ 

My future model!! I love her tanned skin ^^

Mama wanna-be?! LOL
Photo credit to Cheal Swee


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