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21 September 2012

Day out with the kids!

Today gonna blog about 16/9 which is Malaysia Day :) Since boyf not around so apparently no one will bring me out T.T  Decided to call up my nephew & niece! Brought them to island for shopping and fooood~ ^^ Elder sister tagged along too cause myself can't take care of 5 kids! You know lah, kid is kinda troublesome one....half and hour want to go pee pee, another hour wants to drink water. *tsk tsk tsk* Been promising them said that wanna bring them out long time ago, so here is the day I did the promise to them ^^ Im very happy to see each of their lovely faces! I hope I bring them joy  

Venue of the day : Plaza Gurney | Time: 1pm - 6pm | Purpose: shopping & eating 

First stop, Pizza Hut for lunch. We all been suffer in hunger from the morning! It's time to hunt for the nomie food! Well, kid's all time favorite (pizza & spaghetti). After food, time for some walk hehehe~ shopping time begin!! Walk around the whole mall, its great that 4 of them kinda well behave! No running or shouting here and there *so that I can't focus in buying stuff*
Before heading home, we had a dessert @Paddington House Of Pancake. I went here for quite a few times already, still, I love their pancake...alot!!
Din't bring G-11 out that day, so all photo taken by Iphone =D

This is oreo flavor pancake :)
This is original pancake with peach paste :)

Both cutie pie, the youngest two among 7 of them. YES I have this number of niece + nephews~

Casual outfit for the day! 

Super tired face after whole day driving =.= 

Before I stop this post, I have another phone cover brand wanna introduce to y'all. It's SHARK. They are selling good quality phone cover for Samsung, Iphone etc...Sharp color yet light weight Iphone cover! Kinda like the Candy 0.3 semi transparent cover, cause it's really thin enough until you don't feel it. Perhaps, It do works well in protecting your phone too! *wink* Experience yourself!
Here the link to their page ♥ Like them!

Cases I received from Shark. Noticed how thin it is?

By  the way, I picked some catalogue of the rest of their item for y'all! All come in sharp & clean color :) Special  design  for whom prefer plain thing like me *xoxo*
For more you can view here :
All right, gotta end here. Time for dinner!! Had yours yet? ^^


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whre u buy the belt? red one..Thanks

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