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29 October 2012

My Birthday Celebration : PART 1

Just passed my birthday celebrationssss...Din't actually plan anything for my birthday this year, due to I can't accept i'm getting older. Hence, I choose to just have a simple dinner with my loved ones. But quite a special experience which is this year I get to celebrate with the girls...this is the first time ever!! So is like I celebrate my birthday 3 times this year, cause my parents brought me for birthday dinner too! XD Thank you so much Sheryn for bringing me and the girls to this sweet sweet dessert shop. After dessert we decided to supper at LAMEIZI cause of the overload sweetness *we actually craving for spicy food lol*

LoveBites, the chosen place! A new dessert shop in town :) Serve toast that's similar to Taiwan's Dazzling Cafe. Sweet toast with different flavor, such as cheese, chocolate, strawberry & green tea. Other than that, they also serve proper meal like spaghetti and stuff like that. The toast looks really pretty and nice to eat too! But if you people that don't really like sweet tooth, I advice you to share with your friends. Cause the portion is kinda big. Like us, we thought we could finish by one person, end up we can't finish it! >< Duh!

My Strawberry Toast :) Full of surprise inside the toast!

Cheese Toast 

 Green Tea Toast

 Staff even give time for you to take picture first before they cut down the toast! So 贴心

Love Bites located: 11, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang, Malaysia (beside Lameizi)
Contact: 04-2286188

Hello! Tired look birthday girl in the house!! 

Sheryn, Jorise & me

Mifyn, Vivi, Caryne

My birthday gift from Sheryn! Thank you for arranging the night for me. Love you jie :)

Overall,  I'm happy that night. Had lotsa fun with them! But I think we feel more comfortable while having supper in very loud like nobody beside us! LOL. Once again thank you so much for everyone that wished me on FB and Instagram! Love y'all 

Till then, gonna stop here cause I havent eat yet >< will continue another celebration with Blanco in the next post! Stay tune ^^


Anonymous said...

Do u drink collagen a??

anerly said...

hi, i don't drink collagen :)

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