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27 October 2012

Movie: 幸福男,不难 / The Fierce Wife Final Episod

How's your holiday guys? Have you guys watch 幸福男,不难 最终回 / The Fierce Wife Final Episod" yet? Highly recommended by me!!! I think some of you that might feel quite boring with the content if you watched the drama. But to people who din't watch the drama series like me, this movie is a shortcut for you to understand the whole story in just 1 1/2 hours time! I cried twice~ >< I get to know how a single mother who survived both in career and family. It's true that you will afraid of love once you get hurt...Every girl wants to have a good man to rely on and have a happiness family. However, sometimes things din't goes as what you wish. You are the one who choose how to live your life. The important thing is go on and stay strong for yourself, ain't for others. Time will never wait for you. What i've learned from this movie.

I remember the first time I saw Sonia Sui 隋棠 was in a Taiwan drama named "爱情魔法师/The Magician's Of Love". She was sooooo pretty that time from top to toe ^^ Since then this is the second time I saw her in a drama. 

Sorry for interrupt >< Show you my face first! LOL Went to watch this movie on last Sunday, just a casual date with Blanco. So the outfit also very casual...cinema is very cold!! I forgot to bring cardigan =/ 

OOTD: Singlet - Forever21 | Lace shorts - ZARA | Leather Bag - ME Boutique @ Auto-city | Bracelet - Sheabelle | Shoe - from BKK

She can be so beautiful in every angle! Envy!!! Big love!!! Ahhh~~~ Feel like wanna watch this movie again! Who willing to acc me?! XD


Happy Holiday!


Anonymous said...

do u drink collagen? from Janice OoI <3

anerly said...

janice: no i dont drink collagen :)

Leslie Lim said...

Nice post. I enjoy reading your article. I found new ideas and very good information. I will come back for the next post. Thank you.


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