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22 October 2012

Jun's Bakery

First time doing a review for food. Im glad that I receive chances to review on your products! No matter food, skincare, accessories, etc. Anyhow I feel lucky and happy to do reviews for products! For sure i'll put 101% effort to do more, to do the best as well. Thanks for giving me chances And of course I feel much grateful to have you always reading my blog. Thank you so much my readers! *xoxo* 

Alright, back to topic! As what you can see from today's title..this will be kinda sweet sweet blog entry! I am a girl who not-so-into sweet stuff cause I prefer sour thing =.= LOL. Is like whenever I go for dessert, i'll either order lemon or strawberry topping one...coz at least there will be some acidity taste! fml. But i'll try sweet stuff once in a while too lah...but not over sweet one!
Jun (the owner) provide cupcake, puff, cookie with moderate sweetness component! This makes me love her pastry more ^^ 
Well she did not own a shop but self-employed doing pastry at home! However she is a young lady with great handicraft and baking skills. You can whatsapp or call to make orders, she provide delivery service too! But only around Penang area. I'll show your her contact later on.Picture first hehe :)

Here are few of the cupcakes she did for me! Very cute chocolate flavor cupcake with frosting cheese & fondant topping! The chocolate taste real good! YES! Not too sweet one! Yummeh~~~ 

These are the cream puffs! Yes! Pretty from the inside out. Smells good, taste good too! The boyfie loves it, he ate whole piece in one bite! XD

Always don't forget the neat and pretty packaging boxes! Oh well I like things comes in pretty boxes. 
You can search Junbakery on instagram. Follow for more pastry's pictures. Easy for you to make orders with pictures right?! 
SMS / Whataspp : 0174473519 


Anonymous said...

Is it only Penang island or the whole Penang state?

anerly said...

whole penang state :)

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