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1 October 2012

Old bunch gathering!

Hello! Happy belated Mooncake Festival to all of you I almost forget about the festive -.- Cause basically my family din't really take this as a important eve and we don't really celebrate it since the past. So went out on the eve night and actual day LOL *the actual day sound kinda weird* So in order to stay home for nothing... friend invited us to go his house for BBQ, he just came back from Singapore with his girlfriend. For your info, he is a well-chef-to-be :) He can cook well now! *we tried* hahaha! And as you can read from the title, most of the old bunch shown up that night! As usual, talk and jokes all over the night! 
Another happy + happening night we had ^^ *love this feeling*

 The Boo's place!

Vegetable + mushroom with teriyaki sauce wrap by Lunior & Huiling :) *nom*

Corn with plant

 Fooooooooooooood~! *I only snap vegan food*

Hi, stop scrolling your phone and start BBQ pls! 

  Chef-to-be(lunior boo) with hubby boy

 The guys of the night :)

 Hello! Fat tummy lady of the night -.- 

 Huiling (lunior's gf) & me :)

My beloved ^^

On Sunday, few of us *11 pax* we for the movie Tai Chi...I like how they did the movie like a online game with power and name shown stuff like that! Kinda new and special one. Although the end was not the end yet....but still is a nice movie! Recommended! *thumbs up*

 Happy Sunday ^^ 


 Woots! Candid shot.

High-tea while waiting for the movie time :) Winter Warmers

After that we headed to Straits Quay for dinner and chill! Long time never been here, very nice yachts!

I love this one the most! I like the dark brown color wood combine with navy blue! Awesome!

While waiting for the seats, tried on the new feature of  iOS6 which is panorama photo taking! Nice right? In case you don't know where to find it. It's at the setting in your iphone camera!

 Delicious as our dinner place :)

 Mushroom soup! Slurrpy~

 Ordered Traditional Tomato Sauce Spaghetti for myself

Hubby's Pesto *forget the full name*

And hot honey lemon for my ill throat.

Alright, hubby bought moo-moo cake & macaroon for me! Thanks for this little surprise baby :) *sweetness overload* Gonna off now, to accompany him little while before he went back 
Goodnight world !


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