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4 October 2012

I use Holika Holika

As you can see from today's title. Today im gonna introduce you another makeup tool which I found is quite useful! It's a magic mascara that i bought from Hermo
Been using it twice already and I like the effect! My lashesactually looks clean + long + volume up up!! And that's the reason I insist to share with y'all. Holika Holika is actually a cosmetic and skin care brand from Korea, and it's rare you can see selling in Malaysia. Which mean Hermo is the only dealer?! Well I not sure. I get to know this mascara from a Taiwanese famous blogger, she been introducing this too! I'm so happy that i found it in Hermo.

Story of  HolikaHolika. Who can read this for me?? Mama i wanna go for korean speaking & reading lesson!!!

Here is the website All in korean -.- So now is the reason you need Google translate don't you? hehehe 

Till then, is time to show if off the mascara I bought
Introducing~~~~~! *drum roll* 
The Magic Pole Mascara by HolikaHolika! 

The rounded brush allow you to easier brush your lower lashes & also let you to emphasize on the end part of your upper lashes, make it endless longer! How cools it that?! 

With and without eyeliner :)

Yours truly :)

End this post with the current super hit cake in town! Heard about it few months ago but never have a chance to taste it...and the bakery's boss is just staying next to my house =.= Sorry neighbour! 
Finally, boyfriend bought it for me the other day...its a little surprise from him :) Drove all the way from his house and just to buy this 2 box of sweet-tooth for me ♥ ! 

See the cute boxes??? One is Moo-Moo Cake & another one is Macaron :) Awww...i just feel the boxes are sooo adorable....especially the macarons! 

 I like this Moo-Moo Cake!! So yummeh especially the filling..You should try! 
Get it at Chai Leng Park, MayFlower Pastry!
Direction HERE 


Alright, stop here with the endless sweet stuff ^^ Have a great night world 


josephine123 said...

Usually how long the product will reach your place?

anerly said...

josephine: 1 to 2 days will arrive d :)

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