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10 October 2012

Are you a blog stalker?

Photo taken on Sunday while photoshooting :) 

I believe that people are now more into scrolling smartphone than stay infront of desktop / laptop. If you love to read blog to discover new stuff,  NuffnangX is what you should have in your phone apps collection!!!
All you need to do is search for NuffnangX in your apps store / market, then download it immediately coz it's FREE! After that, create an account for your own and start to search for your favorite blogs,start following and keep tracking the latest update of them! Just like how Instagram works.
Erheeerrmmm...please follow mine too

You are a blogger and wondering how to add your own blog in your account?? 
Claim your blog HERE. Log in with your ID then follow the following steps! Get people to follow your blog as well :)

Go through with the guide  provided *step by step* & don't forget to verified your blog! 

And the best part NuffnangX is giving away USD50,000 to the most powerful blogger on mobile!!!

The prizes! 

Hurry share with all your friends through FB, Twitter, Instagtam, SMS, Email or even you can make calls to your friend LOL! NuffnangX will automatically track your follower count and reward you the cash automatically at the end of this period. No submission is necessary. 

Final participants followers will be tallied on 11:59:59 p.m. GMT Wednesday, October 24, 2012.


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