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14 October 2012

Georgetown Walk!

I was wondering, how long since I had the last photoshoot with my boyfriend. Well, is like more than half year~ Since then, decided to go one more couple shoot with him :) So we've been waiting for his hair get longer to proceed the shooting date, attire and so on... Planned this on last last month i guess! And finally,  we made it on last Sunday and we kinda love the outcome! Credit to Peggy & ChealSwee!! They did well!
Woke up at 6:00 in the morning. Dress up nicely and headed to the island with Peggy, she drove us there to meet ChealSwee. Then started our first stop at Love Lane,Georgetown...Been seeing alot of people cycling early in the morning with maps on hand! Probably they are searching for the famous wall painting & the vintage craft...even TV station went down to do interview too!

Found a seagull on the wall! 

Random selca pics! XD
While going on the street shoots, we found some craft too! See the pattern king =.=

Rain twice during that day...what a bad day. To avoid raining again, we headed to Full House which located in TimesSquare for some indoor shots. Me and blanco first time to Full House. Tried their food and we felt was quite okay especially the chocolate brownies! I heard some bad comments on their food previously. The best thing was the boss is super friendly, they even welcome us to do photoshoot in their shop!

In this post i will not show any of the outcome yet..Only a random post of the day...
So stay tuned!!! 

Like the interior so so much! All in white~ So clean and bright! And all the cute comic characters on the wall~ Cuteness overload! 

The camera focus on him =.=

Food time!

My pineapple & cheese sandwich! This one taste good too! 

Blanco's dont-know-call-what spaghetti -.- But i know it is very spicy!

The chocolate brownies i mentioned :) Where is my vanilla ice-cream??? 

These comic cartoon characters are sooooo cute! I love it, seriously!! 

Erm...all photo was taken with my iphone, so the is slightly lousy. Actually i was planning to buy a new camera for better blogging photo presentation...but first have to sell off the old one! Anyone interested in buying my Canon G-11? I seldom use it so it's quite new 

Well this Sunday I think I will go to fix my ugly roots , probably will have short fringe back too cause been feeling so ill with my current long flat fringe! hehehe~ Wish y'all have a great weekend 


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