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29 November 2012

Early Christmas Gift!

Yes yes yes!! Christmas is comingggggg! What's your plan?? Err...I haven't plan anything yet :O But i've receive my very first Christmas gift already! SO HAPPY!!! Guess what?! It's a Beauty Box! With this box of products, I can have a very healthy and shinny skin to celebrate whatever Christmas party gonna be hehehe!

Thank You HERMOyou really surprised me!!  

Hermo Beauty Box contains variety types of skin care, hair care, body care, cosmetic products and that surely will surprise you! And below is some of the exclusive brands :)
YES! Mostly are well known and high quality brands! Super value!! 

Wondering what to buy for your lovely girlfriend / boyfriend on this Christmas?! I think this Beauty Box are more than enough to surprise her/him. Besides, they have another kind of christmas promo which is the Christmas Combination Mask Box. Thus, with these beauty care may let your loved one have better and prettier skin!! Kill two birds with one stone! LOL Isn't it great?!! 

Alright let's see what's inside my BEAUTY BOX!

Love the pressie look packaging!! *excited*

Laneige Blackhead Pore Strip
 Purederm Hair Mask
TONYMOLY Snail Intense Care Sets

2 packs of blackhead strip. I've use one! Result no bad :)

2 different kind of hair mask, each type 2 packs!

And the snail skincare product from TONYMOLY Korea! Quite famous right now, Taiwanese love snails products! According to research that i've made, this products is actually produced from the snail's mucin extract *not killing snails but only the filtrate*. Is quite effective in improving skin elasticity and supplying nutrition to skin. It prevents skin problem, which can be caused by various factors, and  keeps skin youthful  and healthy by protecting and regenerating.

Okay so now is the problem. How to make order??!! Here are the link exactly to the Hermo Beauty Box & Mask Combination Box. Just click on the link and you'll read the entire description and also drop orders :) And also indicating your skin type and preferable brands, then the friendly staff will choose a surprise combination accordingly for you.

Hermo Beauty Box 
Mask Combination Box

Faster get yourself prepare for this Christmas with HERMO's beauty promo!! 


Anonymous said...

how to let them to send us a gift? buy gods more often from them? by KElly

anerly said...

kelly: this is also have to purchase one :) not for free

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