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26 November 2012

Party / Event in October & November

Hey there, just a summary of party / event I went lately. Apparently are party happen in Penang lah...not far far one. Alright, the first one is Vivi's 21st birthday party then held in Swee16 TimeSquare and second round at Nueve. I met this girl more than a year if not mistaken and just meet her in real person few months back. She's kinda cool eventhough she has a cute outlook :) And we share the same horoscope as well, we are Scorpio baby! Is great to know you vivi! Overall was quite another happ weekend! Nice to have party with all of them. And some of her babes came all the way from kl for her birthday! So sweet.

Us with the birthday girl 

She is Cherie

Peoples of the night! 

And then here is the Halloween Party host by Sueanne Kang,  is my first time like "really" celebrating Halloween. Felt that were not a very successful theme party, yet had so much fun because of the people!! We din't really dress up a costume that night. But others do!
Urrrghhh kinda regret for not planning anything :( Please make it another time next year! XD

One little two little three little family! 

Some snacks & little stuff they prepared for the night ^^ 

Girlsss of the night~ 

With Evan

 Sexxay Sueanne, Miss Dracula Mifyn & Blackrose Von lol

Best dresser of the night!!! Clapppsss**

We mostly spent our night with taking pictures! 3 of us left quite early that night cause we need to work on the next day :( Had fun with all of them! They do made alot of jokes. Plan more plssssss~ hahaha

"Where Is The Party" by Carlsberg on last last last weekend! Went there with Povy, Nana, and Jane. Is my first time attending outdoor party! The feeling is super awesome! Looking forward for the next WTP! Thank you so much for the invite Povy ^^ The party was held at the beach behind Hard Rock Hotel Batu Feringgi. Is kinda mystery at first cause we don't know which hotel to stay and which beach are we going to have the party...until the bus stop LOL Everyone was gathered at the meet-up-point at Queensbay outdoor parking field. There are guest from Hong Kong and also Singapore! I was like wow! This is gonna be HUGE!! 

Say hello to our Povy! We are at the meeting point waiting for registration and wristband to be given. Apart of that let's Ice-cream first in the hot weather :)

Skip skip skip everything and here we are done prepared and get ready to parrrteyy!  

Only one glass of Carlsberg and my face gone red!! This shows im not an alcoholic thou XD 

The stage is marvelous especially the 3D cube that full of LEDs. DJs from around the world even get the party into the vertex and its AWESOME!! There are DJs and artist from America, Japan, HongKong, Korea etc. I prefer k-pop, I was so into-mood of partying while the Korea artist Love Cupid is performing all the latest k-pop song but is okay with the electro music which is kind of famous right now...Suddenly feel old about myself for not knowing what's the music trend now =.= luckily I get the chance to came to this party!! Yay!! 

Hardcore party non-stop and here is the pretty Jane & Nana 

Met Egg Ong that night too! She was working that night but still party hard with us!

Hello first met Christer :) Nice meeting u!! 

We left the party quite early that night, I think is because we reach the party too early =.= dancing and jumping for the whole night make us HUNGRYYY~~ and yes!! LAMEIZI time with the girls!! What a heavy supper...hahaha! Thanks Christer  & her boyfie for drove us late night and the supper treat ^^

So I think that's it. Hope that there will be more fun event like this in future so that I can blog moreeee!! 


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