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10 December 2012

Chakaboo stall reborn!!

Hey guys! Today wanna tell you something that I feel very EXCITED about, which is Chakaboo Mini Stall gonna reborn!! You know what, we are so sad about last time our stall suddenly could not continue business. We have been searching new places to make it born again and finally here is the place \(^^)/

V-Walk Flea Market is located at Raja Uda, Butterworth :) Same place with Yes Yogurt  & The Library. This coming Wednesday 12.12.2012 is the Grand Opening of  V-Walk Flea Market and our stall will be there waiting for you to support. So if you are free~ let's come and pay a visit cause gonna have lotsa promotion that night!

Location map. Pls come and look for Chakaboo ^^

Yesterday went island for shopping some stuff & tools for our stall :) We went to DAISO! Everything in RM5 and you know Japanese things are cuter so that's why we choose to go DAISO for these cute stuff!

Everything here cost total RM60!! *excluded my feet* lol

Sooooo in love with these photo frame! 

Pinky dustbin 

 Fishy streamer for better luck and business?! -.-

Till then, imma really hoping there will be losta people going and lets make it a happ happ place!  Lastly, please do come and support Chakaboo and me cause we will be bringing lotsa lotsa cute and pretty stuff for you 


Sayang Kung said...

Will check Chakaboo out if I have the time. Goodluck Chakaboo!! :)

Anonymous said...

anerly!i want to visit your chakaboo and u too nah>_> but im at kl-__- why you not at kl lol ;p anyways wish your business earn many many:)goodluck and your blog is getting interesting!huhu would like you to share more about the beauty tips cause you are really pretty na <3

anerly said...

thank you so much girls ^^ <3

Anonymous said...

Is chakaboo still available in Vwalk currently?

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